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organic chemistry heat transfer operations heat transfer oxygen containing organic compounds evaporators organic concepts hydrocarbons radiation : processes and properties condensers nitrogen containing organic compounds dryers radiation : exchange between surfaces heat transfer in packed beds & fluidised beds boilers shell and tube heat exchangers stereochemistry heat exchangers and mass transfer heat transfer from extended surfaces polymerisation & biomolecules heat transfer equipment dimensional analysis steady state conduction ht equipment condensation and boiling transient (unsteady state heat conduction) heterocyclic compounds double pipe heat exchangers agitated vessels & scraped surface heat exchangers heat transfer in vessels introduction to organic compounds halogen containing organic compounds packed beds extended surface heat exchangers convection : processes and properties hydrodynamic and thermal boundary layers fluidised beds conduction with heat generation fourier equation and thermal conductivity chemical properties of amines condensers in refrigeration macromolecules empirical correlations for free and forced convection definitions and basic concepts preparation of amines shape factor organometallic compounds infrared spectroscopy nuclear magnetic resonance agitated vessels dna and rna amino acids preparation of benzaldehyde & aromatic ketones benzene diazonium chloride physical properties of amines continuous flow dryers common dryers scraped surface heat exchangers indirect contact condensers tube heat exchangers source of pyridine compounds condensers overview direct contact condensers forced circulation evaporator types of evaporators capacity and economy of multiple effect evaporators agitated vessels heat transfer coefficients agitated film evaporator copolymerisation electrophilic substitution in pyridine structure of pyridine five membered rings enantiomerism polarimeter stereoisomers preparation of carboxylic acids enamines chemical properties of aldehydes physical properties of ketones physical properties of aldehydes preparation of ketones transesterification preparations of glycerol physical properties of ethers physical properties of carboxylic acids preparation of aldehydes reactions of ethers resonance and aromaticity classification of organic compounds structure and physical properties displacement substitution reaction & electron movement rearrangement reactions nomenclature isomerism reaction of alcohols saponification nucleophilic & electrophilic substitution reaction aromatic hydrocarbons alkadienes cycloalkanes and cycloalkenes alkanes