Cognizant Technology Solutions India Ltd Chennai Associate Vacancy

In the most recent job announcement, Cognizant has opened vacancies for Associate positions, and the designated work location is Chennai. The chosen candidate will be offered a permanent, full-time employment opportunity upon recruitment.

Cognizant Technology Solutions India Ltd is a prominent provider of information technology, consulting, and business process services. The company is committed to assisting the world’s leading enterprises in building stronger and more resilient businesses.

For the Cognizant Chennai Associate 2023 positions, candidates possessing the necessary skills in Automation are invited to apply.

Prospective candidates who are both interested and qualified are required to apply through the online mode.

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Cognizant Technology Solutions India Ltd Chennai Associate Vacancy

Job Location: Chennai

Apply Mode: Online

Job Designation: Associate

Job Code: 00056745831

Education Qualification: The term “Science/Engineering Graduate” typically refers to an individual who has completed their undergraduate degree in either a scientific field or engineering discipline.

Experience Level:

The expression “3 to 5 years” typically indicates a range of professional experience required or preferred for a particular job or role. It suggests that candidates with a minimum of 3 years and up to 5 years of relevant experience are eligible to apply.

Requirements Gathering:

Comprehend, interpret, and clarify both functional and technical requirements, as well as adhere to project-specific requirement standards.

Design and Analysis:

Review assigned functional specifications, analyze and assess the impact of these specifications, raise queries, and collaborate with various stakeholders to seek resolutions. Additionally, offer necessary support for the development of the proof of concept.


  1. Develop coding, including business layer coding, interface development, service development, and creation of stored procedures, as required for the project.
  2. Timely raise clarifications, issues, and concerns regarding work output to the lead.
  3. Seek review from peers and senior developers periodically; revise the code based on code review, defects identified in unit testing, or any other relevant testing phases.
  4. Actively participate in code peer reviews as necessary. Highlight potential risks to the leads, seek input to resolve identified issues, and provide support for the integration of components as needed.
  5. Update the traceability matrix for the developed work package and contribute to process audit activities.
  6. Adhere to processes and tools, including the usage of Cognizant 20 and awareness of the Quality Management System. Follow the Software Configuration Management (SCM) policies established for the project.


Draft unit test cases tailored for the specific unit. Request a review of the written test cases from both peers and senior developers.

Execute the test cases:

Identify and address defects promptly as they are discovered, ensuring thorough retesting during both the testing and warranty phases. Conduct reviews to verify adherence to Software Configuration Management (SCM) policies established for the project. Monitor the integration of the developed component with the overall application. Familiarize yourself with and proficiently use automation tools for testing purposes.

Defect Management:

  1. Revise the code based on feedback received during code review and address defects identified in unit testing, peer testing, System Integration Testing (SIT), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), or any other applicable testing phases.
  2. Contribute to process improvements and compliance:
    • Suggest and implement ideas for optimizing processes or introducing value-added enhancements.
    • Share process optimization proposals with relevant stakeholders for consideration.
    • Adhere to established processes and utilize designated tools, including compliance with Cognizant 20, awareness of the Quality Management System, and proficiency in Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).

By following these guidelines, aim to continuously enhance the development process and ensure alignment with organizational standards and quality benchmarks.

Knowledge Management:

Contribute to the updating of knowledge assets, including user manuals, online help documents, installation manuals, and scripts. Actively participate in contributing to, searching for, and reusing various types of assets available in the repository. This collaborative effort helps maintain and enhance the organization’s knowledge base and ensures the availability of accurate and up-to-date resources for the team.

Must-Have Skills:

  • Automation

How to apply:

Prospective candidates who are both interested and qualified for the job are required to apply online. This involves initially registering on the Cognizant career portal and then logging in to complete the application process.

Apply online:

Cognizant Technology Solutions India Ltd Chennai Associate Vacancy

If you have any specific questions or if there’s additional information you’re seeking regarding Science/Engineering Graduates, feel free to provide more details.

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