Genpact India Private Limited Hyderabad Full Stack Developer Vacancy

That sounds like a great opportunity! Are you interested in applying for the Full Stack Developer position at Genpact in Hyderabad?

That’s good to know! A permanent, full-time position offers stability and the chance to grow within the company. Have you considered applying for the role?

Genpact is indeed a prominent global professional services company, known for its expertise in digital transformation, analytics, and consulting. Their presence in Hyderabad suggests a robust tech ecosystem in that city. Are you familiar with Genpact’s work or have any specific questions about the company?

It sounds like Genpact is looking for candidates with a strong skill set in Java/Spring Boot, Node.js, and Azure for their Full Stack Developer positions in Hyderabad. Those technologies are widely used in modern web development and cloud computing, so candidates with experience in those areas would likely be a good fit for the role. If you possess these skills or are interested in learning more about them, it could be a great opportunity to apply for the position.

Applying online is a common practice for many job positions nowadays, and it offers convenience for both applicants and employers. If you’re interested and qualified for the Full Stack Developer position at Genpact in Hyderabad, be sure to visit their official website or the platform where the job listing is posted to submit your application. Make sure to highlight your relevant experience and skills in your resume or application to increase your chances of being considered for the role. Good luck with your application!

Genpact India Private Limited Hyderabad Full Stack Developer Vacancy
Organization BYGenpact India Private Limited
Job DesignationFull Stack Developer
Job Location Hyderabad
Language English
Job CodeITO078779
Experience LevelRequired
Education Qualification B.E/B.Tech/MCA/Equivalent
Apply ModeOnline
Work TimingFull Time
Gender/SexMale / Female
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Genpact India Private Limited Hyderabad Full Stack Developer Vacancy

Job Designation: Full Stack Developer

Job Code: ITO078779

Education Qualification: B.E/B.Tech/MCA/Equivalent

Experience Level: Required

Job Location: Hyderabad

Apply Mode: Online


Based on the provided job description, the responsibilities of the Full Stack Developer position at Genpact in Hyderabad include:

  1. Independent Coding: Coding for a specific area or function of the project independently, indicating a high level of technical proficiency.
  2. Technology Expertise: Utilizing deep technology expertise to ensure that all areas across the organization have the necessary tools, processes, and documentation to operate effectively.
  3. Fraud Detection Platform Transformation: Contributing to the transformation of the US Fraud Detection offering by building a new platform with the latest technologies to enhance detection and scaling capabilities.
  4. Understanding Business Needs: Applying an in-depth understanding of relevant business needs and collaborating with technology partners to identify and leverage synergies across various areas.
  5. Risk Consultation: Providing subject matter expertise and consultation on risk issues related to engineering technology and tools.
  6. Market Knowledge: Maintaining knowledge and understanding of external development, engineering, and emerging solutions, as well as market conditions and their impact.
  7. Production Support: Assisting in the support of production issues and maintaining ongoing communication with business and technical partners on status and resolution.
  8. Migration and Implementation: Participating in the development of migration, conversion, and implementation strategies, as well as conducting pre and post-implementation validation to ensure technical solutions meet business requirements.
  9. Testing and Documentation: Liaising with testing partners to develop test strategies, test cases, perform testing, and provide user documentation, user training, and post-implementation support. Coordinating defect triage and investigation.
  10. Collaboration and Communication: Collaborating with business leaders, IT professionals, and vendors to ensure management is kept informed, and problems and issues are escalated appropriately and clearly communicated.

These responsibilities highlight the multifaceted nature of the role, requiring both technical expertise and strong communication and collaboration skills to effectively contribute to the development and implementation of projects. If you possess these qualifications and skills, you may be a suitable candidate for the position.

Preferred Qualifications/ Skills:

The ideal candidate for the Full Stack Developer position at Genpact in Hyderabad should possess the following qualifications and experience:

  1. Software Development Experience: Extensive experience in software development, including architecting, designing, and coding applications.
  2. API and Microservices Development: Strong expertise in API and Microservices development and integration using Java/Spring Boot and Node.js.
  3. OAuth and Event-Driven Architectures: Experience with OAuth and event-driven/messaging architectures, indicating a solid understanding of security protocols and asynchronous communication patterns.
  4. Modern Digital Architecture: Strong knowledge of modern digital architecture, including cloud computing, containerization, messaging systems, and microservices architecture.
  5. DevOps Practices: Strong experience in DevOps practices, CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment), and related tools, demonstrating proficiency in automating software development processes.
  6. Agile Practices: Expertise in agile practices for software development, highlighting the ability to work collaboratively in iterative development cycles.
  7. Kubernetes Experience: Critical experience with Kubernetes, indicating proficiency in container orchestration and management.
  8. Azure API Management: Preference for candidates with experience in Azure API management, suggesting familiarity with managing and securing APIs on the Azure platform.
  9. Azure Development Experience: Preference for candidates with experience in Azure development, showcasing proficiency in developing and deploying applications on the Azure cloud platform.
  10. Bonus Skills: Knowledge of fraud applications and functionality would be a bonus, indicating an understanding of fraud detection systems and related technologies.

These qualifications and experiences align with the technical requirements and responsibilities outlined in the job description, making candidates with such backgrounds well-suited for the role. If you meet these criteria, you may be a strong candidate for the position.

How to apply:

Applying through Genpact’s career portal is the first step for interested and qualified job applicants. Registering on their portal and logging in allows you to access and apply for available positions, including the Full Stack Developer role in Hyderabad. Make sure to fill out all required information accurately and upload any necessary documents, such as your resume and cover letter, to complete your application. Best of luck with your application process! If you need any assistance or have questions along the way, feel free to ask.

Apply online:

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