Cognizant Technology Solutions India Ltd Chennai Associate Vacancy

Cognizant has recently announced job vacancies for Associate positions, and the work location is in Chennai.

The selected candidate will be offered a permanent, full-time position upon recruitment.

Cognizant Technology Solutions India Ltd is a prominent provider of information technology, consulting, and business process services. Committed to assisting the world’s leading companies, it focuses on helping them build stronger businesses.

For the Cognizant Chennai Associate 2024 Jobs, candidates with the necessary skills in Documentum and Core Java are invited to apply.

An interested and qualified candidate must apply through the online mode for the Cognizant Chennai Associate 2024 Jobs.

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Cognizant Technology Solutions India Ltd Chennai Associate Vacancy

Job Location: Chennai

Apply Mode: Online

Job Designation: Associate

Job Code:  00056316171

Experience Level: 4 to 7 years.

Education Qualification: Graduate/Engineering Graduate.

Requirements Gathering:

Understanding, interpreting, and clarifying functional requirements as well as technical requirements and requirement standards for the project” suggests that the individual is expected to possess the ability to comprehend and make sense of both functional and technical requirements related to a project.

Project Estimation:

Able to provide effort and timeline for the task assigned” indicates that the individual is expected to have the capability to estimate and communicate both the effort required and the expected timeline for completing a given task.

Capability Development:

Improve core skills to move up the learning curve in the identified area of expertise.

Design & Analysis:

  1. The study assigned functional specifications: This involves thoroughly examining the functional specifications relevant to the task or project at hand.
  2. Analyze and identify the impact of specifications: Understand how the given specifications may influence or impact the overall project, including potential challenges or dependencies.
  3. Raise queries and seek resolution from different stakeholders: Actively communicate with various stakeholders to address any questions or uncertainties regarding the functional specifications, aiming for clarity and resolution.
  4. Provide required support to develop the proof of concept: Offer assistance and support in the development of a proof of concept, demonstrating the feasibility or viability of the proposed functionality outlined in the specifications.


  1. Develop coding (business layer coding, interface development, service development, creation of stored procedures, etc.) as required in the project: This involves actively participating in the coding and development tasks specified by the project requirements.
  2. Raise clarifications/issues/concerns regarding work output to the lead on time: Communicate any questions, issues, or concerns related to the work output promptly to the project lead for clarification or resolution.
  3. Seek review from peer/Senior developers periodically: Request periodic reviews of your work from peers or senior developers to ensure code quality and adherence to standards.
  4. Rework the code based on code review/defects raised in unit testing or any other relevant testing phases: Address and rectify issues identified during code reviews or testing phases.
  5. Participate in code peer review as required: Collaborate in the peer review process, providing feedback and insights on code developed by others.
  6. Highlight any potential risks to the Leads and seek inputs to resolve issues identified: Identify and communicate potential risks to project leads, seeking guidance to address and resolve issues.
  7. Support the integration of components as required: Assist in integrating different components or modules of the project as needed.
  8. Update the traceability matrix for the work package developed: Maintain the traceability matrix to ensure alignment between project requirements and the implemented work.
  9. Provide support on process audit activities: Assist in activities related to process audits, ensuring compliance with established procedures.
  10. Adhere to process and tools (usage of Cognizant 20 awareness of Quality Management System): Follow established processes and use the prescribed tools, maintaining awareness of the Quality Management System.
  11. Follow the SCM policies set for the project: Adhere to Software Configuration Management (SCM) policies defined for the project, ensuring proper version control and management.


Write unit test cases for the specific unit.

Seek review from peer / Senior Developer for the test cases written.

Execute the test cases. Capture and fix defects as and when found and retest the areas during the testing and warranty phase.

Review work to ensure adherence to SCM policies set for the project.

Follow up on integration of the component developed with the application.

Understand and execute automation tools for testing.

Defect Management:

Rework on the code based on review comments from code review/defects raised in unit testing, peer testing, SIT, UAT testing, or any other relevant testing phases” emphasizes the iterative nature of the software development process.

Process Improvements and Adherence:

  • Provide ideas for process optimization or value adds that can be provided and share them with the relevant stakeholders.
  • adhere to processes and tools (usage of cognizant 20 awareness of Quality Management System IDE etc).

Knowledge Management:

  • Contribute towards updating knowledge assets user manual online help document installation manual/scripts.
  • contribute/search/reuse all types of assets from the repository.

Must Have Skills:


Good To Have Skills:

Core Java

How to apply:

Interested and qualified job applicants are required to apply through online mode. This involves the following steps:

  1. Registering with Cognizant Career Portal: Candidates need to initiate the application process by registering on the Cognizant career portal. This typically involves creating an account with relevant personal and professional details.
  2. Login to Apply: After successful registration, applicants can log in to their account on the Cognizant career portal. Once logged in, they can navigate to the specific job opening they are interested in and proceed with the application process.

Apply online:

Cognizant Technology Solutions India Ltd Chennai Associate Vacancy

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