IBM India Private Limited Bangalore Senior Database Engineer Vacancy

IBM has recently released a job announcement, revealing open positions for Senior Database Engineer roles based in Bangalore.

The chosen candidate will be offered a permanent, full-time position.

IBM, an American multinational technology corporation, specializes in the production and promotion of computer hardware, middleware, and software, along with offering hosting and consulting services.

For the IBM Bangalore Senior Database Engineer positions in 2024, applicants possessing essential skills in QL/NoSQL coding, Java, Scala, Bash, and Python are invited to apply.

Interested and qualified candidates are required to submit their applications through the online mode.

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IBM India Private Limited Bangalore Senior Database Engineer Vacancy

Job Location: Bangalore

Apply Mode: Online

Job Designation: Senior Database Engineer

Job Code: 681640BR

Experience Level: 7+ years

Education Qualification: Completion of a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree is required.

Your Role and Responsibilities:

Demonstrated expertise in a distributed database environment is essential for this role. The ideal candidate should be committed to doing whatever is necessary to accomplish tasks and contribute to the team’s success. This may involve activities such as database performance tuning, undertaking Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) tasks, troubleshooting bugs in Jenkins pipelines, participating in support calls to assist engineers in debugging issues, or coding features to enhance customer satisfaction.

You find satisfaction and take pride in your work, thriving in a multidisciplinary and international team environment. Proactivity is a key trait – you are a self-starter who takes ownership of problems and solutions, leading by example. Your proactive approach extends to educating others on best practices, patterns, and alternative strategies, supported by your wealth of experience and research.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise:

The desired candidate should possess proven experience concentrated on various aspects of distributed database management, including planning, implementation, administration, monitoring, and optimization. Proficiency in SQL/NoSQL coding, tuning, and understanding success patterns is a key requirement for both client and backend applications.

Preferred qualifications include expertise with Apache Cassandra, encompassing both administrative and developer perspectives. The candidate should demonstrate proficiency in optimizing performance, capacity planning, and fine-tuning clusters. Familiarity with strategies for data backup and recovery is essential, along with experience in data migrations to/from other databases into Cassandra.

Knowledge of Elasticsearch/OpenSearch and Postgres would be advantageous. The candidate should have experience in presenting to and educating others. A solid understanding of Kubernetes and/or OpenShift is required.

Additionally, familiarity with at least one JVM programming language (Java, Scala, or Kotlin) and a scripting language (e.g., Bash, Python, etc.) is necessary. The candidate should exhibit a good understanding of distributed systems patterns such as Pub/Sub, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Resiliency Patterns, CAP, etc.

Furthermore, a good knowledge of logging systems (ELK, etc.) and monitoring systems (Grafana, Prometheus, New Relic, Instana, etc.) is expected.

Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise:

Experience in the Cyber Security domain. Experience with AWS and its middleware-managed services.

How to apply:

To apply for the position, interested and qualified candidates must use the online application process. This involves first registering on the IBM career portal and subsequently logging in to submit their application.

Apply online:

IBM India Private Limited Bangalore Senior Database Engineer Vacancy

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